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February 20, 2009

♥ Wish me luck ♥

Recently dont have any special events happened to me
phew quite bored..
i might be 'disappear' for next one week
sit for final exam...
this sem are totaaly fast past ><
aiksss...kinda nervous la weii...
after exam,
28th feb
all of my best frens and sweeties
help me celebrate my bufday...
c u guys there...
oh ya,
wish me luck ;)

February 13, 2009

♥ Gasping ♥

Today i came back from skul early
its reali too bored so i go disturb my babi weiteng and asked her out for tea
hahahah pai seh =/
4pm like that,
we went to Station 1 mutiara for tea
fei loong joined us too hahaha
pai seh again XD
when coming,
we took this two pichas in car
quite funny =.=

i dont even dare open my eyes XD


hang out with babi weiteng again
went to hair cut
almost half year never hairs cut edy lols

first, went to Low yat accomany her boi for brunch.

my time....

after cut,
feel so good hahaha

Today we never get much pichas cuz rush of time
after that, i accompany babi went to Swang
for het tattoo...
wooow, she's so brave
actually we planned to tattoo together but i lack of confidence
hahahaha shy **
think about it first hahaha...
who wan accompany me again XD

begining, its was so painful, but feel better at the back

here the 'result'
all the guys there was so friendly la weii haha...

CHRIS ho.... XD

okay, met up woth mr.chubby
we went to ts walked around then went to oldtown for tea

so what, do whatever u want!

February 11, 2009

♥ Release For 5 Hours ♥

Finnaly i back to skul today hahah
phew kinda tired
i just attended for the morning class
and then after class headed to sing k @ Neway with my
Babi Weiteng
hiak hiak so miss her ya ^^

i reached there so eraly have to wait the babi
met her up we went to 'Dragon Venture' Reastaurant
have our lunch with her boy too
first time met him up hmmmm...
no any opinion XD

Neway's time...

sang for 5hours...
lols superstar also don't have this power XD
so enjoy when singing hahaha
Almost 9pm only reached home
raining heavy.........

February 7, 2009

♥ I'm gald u're my baobei ♥

Today hang out with my Baobeii Jun
yeahhh... miss u so much hahahas
almost 2pm only reached TS
thinkin where we gonna shop
during that time we cam-wored

erhhhh? wad we doin?

first round went to Swang shop
spent long time overthere too
im looking dress for 28th feb XD
thx baobeii spent on it
then headed to 6th floor
she wants to buy belt
awww finally get it
we bought bags too

her bag was so nice n so cheap

went to MCKY
but dont have anything i wanna buy ><
one of the new slippers was so nice but no my size

we headed to Pavilion

changed with beiii hahaha

for mooovie
we booked online so time's still early
shop again
she said 'MCKY'

'the slipper i buy for u as ur present'
'yea, i buy for u'
shoooock of my life XD
my beiiiii
haha mwahhh~~
im rushing there haha
finally get it n got my size XP
im so so so so HAPPY...

actually we want watch CHANGELING
but like not nice so changed to
so touch
it's true!!!
and quite funny too
after mooovie,
cam-wored again

her fren came and pick us back

so good XD

we went to Gilly Cafe

mr.chubby and frens came and joined us too

yum-cha chit chat there

11pm ciao ^^

February 4, 2009

♥ PInk Panther 2 ♥

Hey guys

finally free to update my blog =)

Last fri sat and sun i work at swang as fragrances promoter quite boring... no business ><>

conclusion is.... lolsss =.=hahahas


worked till 6pm my little babi came met me up and yum cha with me heee

headed to U-Village chit chat non-stop shoooocks !!!
then 7pm+met u mr.chubby and frens then we walked around at swang

nite we headed to a new cafe

awwww... that place was so awesome...near Wangsa Maju section 5,6

check it out...