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January 25, 2010

♥ Case 39 ♥

Weekend, so what?
Im still have to work work and work too! I hate work on weeekend honestly! Totally no mood at all! Haih... I've no choice, she begging me... I really feel so paiseh edy ><

Saturdae night, after my work, Mr.Doink doink came and picked me up to 1u @ Neway for friend's celebration __ Michelle. A new friend for me haha...
Those pictures is still on her hand as well...

Saturdae night, I spent my time with them.


This few days i was lack of sleep seriously, sundae, sleep 99 =p

Woke up in the noon and waiting the doink doink for movie @ Case 39! The movie I was expected for long time hahahaha~
Well, this movie is simple and nice! Not bad....

A simple post...

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January 22, 2010

♥ Shoooop ♥

Date: 22.10.01
Venue: Pavilion
VIG:Yeak, Sasa

Another day with them again, lately, I was crash with them often nia hahaha~ this day, we're planned for shopping for new clothes af, nter ma class, ngek ngek.

The silly sweetie behind me~ Liukee and Carmen.

After class, we are rushing to Pavilion, starving!!! Finally decided went to food republic for our lunch =) ... Hoolala, the biitch SASA is late! the time is 330pm, but she reach around 5pm! wth!
I was spending ma time with the brata! Ishhhh, tired and soooo sien! We just kept walked around but we cant get any new clothes! Why? Becasue those design is quite OLD... Grrrr!

When the biitch reach, SNOWFLAKE for our desserts, cause they are pretty addicted to it too, and main point is, BUY 1 FREE 1! hahaha~ it is untill 31st Jan ya =0

Keep look for new clothes after this, finally I'd get 5pcs new clothes at Forever 21, MNG, Dorothy Perkins and 1pair converse =)

Time flies, it was 1000pm, waiting for sa's bf picked us hahahaha... then, dinner as well! Actually his boi is quite hilarious, speak so loud too XP hahahahah~~~

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January 20, 2010

♥ My day with them ♥

Hmmm its time to update ma blog again, haahaa... now, im often update ma blog! say''YEAH''!Okie,

DATE: 20.01.10

VENUE: Leisure mall Neway & 1U

Biitch & Brata: Sasa, sally, yeak

A k session with the biicthes and brata again, honestly, its a small gathering between me and u, right huh? Im really appreacite it =)

Yea, we're late again, pai seh miss sally, let u wait so looooong! Haaa...

Actually I dont used to edit ma photos, but, there is appearance of FAKER! I hate... so I have no choiceeee~

Miss Sally

Brata Yeak

Miss SaSa

the biitches

After k session, we headed to Kuchai Lama for dinner, GEI GONG BOW, since they are so addicted for it, well, Im da first visit for this restaurant ... LOL its not that unique harlo, but its very spicy! the Miss Lyeyiing joined us too... Muahahahaha

I just sticked with them for 1hour+ then leave and pak tor with ma Mr. doinkdoink, we headed to 1U for movie @ Tiger WooHoo and with the dude Joseph and his gurl... Midnight show, 1u no more crownd and just sooo silence, the CNY decoration is DONE, the CNY cat is soooo cutee and SPOT ITS FACE! Can u see it? hahahahah~~~


mr. doink doink
LOL, this movie is totally made me dying, is laugh die! haha soooo funny, its truth! my lil sis cant even buy the ticket untill now! FULL almost everyday! If u're malaysian, MUST WATCH! hahah~ LAM DE WENG, u're coooool!


♥ Amour by KENZO ♥

Taaadaaa... I've bought a new fragrance for myself
Amour by KENZO... No doubt, it scence damn nice! If not I wont get one too =.="
The design of this fragrance is unique haha, the cover already quite tall and thin... This fragrance is EDT, but quite lasting, i guess 6 -8 hours *wink... what else? haha oh ya, it is flowering based! When just sprayed on ur hand, it smell quite weird and smell like baby johnson body shampoo hahah... but after 15mins like that, it smell like more comfortable, at least do not have the baby johnson shampoo anymore haha...

I bought it during promotion and it is super value package! The git with purchase is worth RM115 body mist... uh huh... Means, buy one actual size fragrance and free one body mist, miniature, vials, body milk and mini pouch... SEE... Value right~ hahahah

When I was cleaned up my rooom, just realize I still got alots of miniature fragrances
wootz wootz

Hmmmm... hahaha the day after today, tommorow, is a good good day! K session with ma bitches again! Wooooooot! Stay tuned xoxo

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Simple Bufday Partyy ♥

Date: 16.01.10
Venue: Solaris Apartment
Whats hot: Tat's bufday celebration

Hmmmm... actually Im super dulan today, cuz, Im working! I hate there are some plan for me in weekend but didnt tell me earlier and made me promised someone for working! You know that feeling? Darn! It is totally so super hyper dulan!!! And another thing is, I wan so bad luck toooo!

First, I was entered the worng shift, I was supposed to work morn, but I wrote wrong date in da msg to my a head! Thus, 2 ppls morn! C~~~ So damn lui!

Second, I forgot to bring my badge and name tag! WTF! For Parkson's rules (im working in parkson pavilion) no badge, no name tag = mampus! Luckily, my a head got SPARE... mauahahahah ...

BTW, thank to my a head changed the shift with me... I just can finished my work at 6pm *wiiink hahahaha
okie, Mr. Doink came and picked me up... and headed to his house to keep some stuffff... cuz the time is still soooo early, thats why~


Headed to Solaris around 6pm+... ewihhh, traffic jammmm! hahah we camwored during this boring time~

Hahahah he was so cuteeeeee, ILY ♥

Reached! OMG, the environment, design is so modern and luxury... Not bad! Of cause la, 900k wo... wad also sky got land no la hahahah... This ppparty is simple but joyful! The steamboat, is totally exceeded 99!!! wasted alots I guess... haha
We've stayed and played at here till late around 3am... dying... haha those guys right there is hyper hilarious... Geng! Happy bufday TAT =)
Hmmm... Due to im lui beng, forget to bring camera... so~~~~ ><"


January 13, 2010

♥ Movie with ma love ♥

Wootz Wootz~
Letme blast 99 right here


Finally i've done ALL of my ASSignments! Great huh... it is the world's best feeling that I ever have... During this few weeks, the HRM really made me mad and nervous! Pretty nuisance shit!
haha but, thx god! God bless me 99... I 've done it and Im still alive LOL.

hmmm... went to watch movie @ OLD DOGS with mr.doink doink after class and this movie is totally darn freaking hilarious and FUNNY! Must watch u know~ I just can laugh untill tears drop on my face! HAHAHAHA...

After movie, starving! Grrr... headed to SUSHI KING for dinner, uh, I guess I have very long time never step into SUSHI KING, I dont even remember when is the last time. swt
Sitting next to me was a foreign tourist and her son, I think he's an orphange and try to speak well in english, her mother just kept taught him. She also taught him how to use chopsticks correctly! That time Im only realized Im using the wrong way, cause Im the one who dont know use chopstick toooooo! Ishhhh~ So fish la LOL.

I need to improve maself in EVERYTHING! *I guess, wiink
waiting for the food serving... we...

Ma bb mr.doinkdoink

After dinner, guess what, HAHA L4D 2 again, uh joined ma lil sis too... Its a darn tired day for me today, but is happyyyy!

♥ ♥ ♥

January 11, 2010

♥ Outing ♥

Date: 9th Jan 2010
Venue: Mid Valley
Sweeties: LiuKee, SwetYi, Seen
Dude: Brata Yeak
What's hot?? : Chocolate Fairrr

Is a nice nice saturdae for me! Satisfied and Enjoyable woohooo...
Due to Im playing poker, so... im not going to write much LOL *Lmao~~
Okay, I was promised them to go out last saturdae for choc fair...
Haih, cant imagine how small is there, no any special for me to walk honestly! All of them agree too... Haha luckily, at least we bought it *wiink

After lepak around here, we headed to find carmen at Mcd...

lunch @ Little Taiwan


Hmmmm actually we dont have any plan in the night, but due to Liukee asked for dinner or yamcha at ''THE CAVE'' ss2... We're interesting and just said ''YES''! haha the another main point is ms.carmen is going to join us too... ohhh dear, long time never out with euuuuu!!!

cafe and restaurant
Swet Yi



Brata Yeak

Lovely Sweeties
The environment is unique and nice! must gooooo...
Time really knows how to fly... It past so damn fast larr... around 9pm... we ciao... and mr. doink doink came and picked me up and Liukee... woohooo we had shared alots of fun, stories and really chit chat like nobody business... Im really enjoy... we had also planned for trip after 15th... all assignments have submit... that time is our world, our life... I really need a trip, a vacation, a holiday to blast out or whatever, Im really feel so stress for my works...


January 6, 2010

♥ Preeeesentation ♥

Date: 4TH Jan 2010

Venue: SEGi College KL

VIG: Me, Carmen, LiuKee, Alec and Fatt

waoooo.... a very first preeesentation for my year twenty-ten hahaha...

wad subject is this? hmmm... SSE which is a english course... no doubt, my english is not that gooood, no that proooo... so, I cant escape further than this... teehee...

Prepared for the presentation and the assignment since last week, oh which is holiday for me too... Ishhh... so nuisance! Holiday still ask ppl do this and that! Who call me Im student u're the lecturer... Grrrr~

Just like previously, we used to 5persons in 1 group, weeeeeweeeet

What was our topic? Guess what.... hmmm....
hahah Prevention of H1N1~ Its a very super duper common topic nowadays~ right?

I think we was quite successful, haha due to mr.fatt =D

u guys is da BEST

♥ ♥ ♥

January 1, 2010

♥ To-do-List in twenty-10 ♥

omg... time flies! cant believe now is the TWENTY-TEN ooops~
wad i have done in 2009? hmmmmm... work? study? what ese? Lol spending alots of caaaash! hahahahaha

okay, everyone like got their own new plan in 2010. For me...... emmmm......


MUST cut out at least... AT LEAST 3KGEEEES!
Im darn freaking fat right now! tuuuumy is just like my 'symbol' now! Ishhhhh~


MUST earn alot of money for trips... muahahahaha as my bb promised me...


MUST sudy hard, no more lazy.... haih
* hope so


meet as more friends as I can... especially ''OLD'' friends *LOL


changing new hair style


get NDS or iPod just for games


dark circus go away plesss


haha, I wish everyday is sweet like valentine's day with mr.doink doink


hmmm wad else? wonderful ,memorable and fulfilment year for me larrr....

peeps, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!



♥ Couz's Weddin Dinner ♥

Date: 01.01.10
Venue: Noble House Restaurant, Jln Imbi
Cousin's wedding dinner

waooo... another cousin was get married again... seem like so many cousins get married huh? haha ... it was so great =)
such a great day for everyone, especially ma couz ngek negk...
unforgetable and meaningful too muahahah...
what I want to mention is, I met back alotz of couz neh... ahahaha loooooong time nvr met them and have a long chat with them edy LOL. some was get married, some was in a relationship and some was getting more tall and beautiii hahaha....
During that time, I just kept talking with ma lil sis haha...since we have nothing to do sob!
we took alotz of pictures that night....
down =0

ma lil sis, ma lil maamii and ma eldest sista

eldest sista and maamii
both are hot right hahaha

Do~ Re~ Mi

oh ya! my couz, which the bride haha

hmmmm ... ma eldest couz, beside mua~

waooo... those maamii ''level'' kept talked talked and also talked! like nobody business hahaha~ we stayed untill 11pm something only ciao... its pretty tired man... hahaha~
Latly, COUZ! congratulation and sweeeeeet 4everrrrr! mwah~ haha