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March 25, 2010

♥ Doink's Birthday ♥

Guess what... It is my lovely BB doink doink's Birthday... Hiak hiak...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... Although it is past!

Oh,you're getting older again =) hmm... be frank, you're getting more mature right? hahaha Lame! LOL

The day before his bird day... We went to Library @ The Curve cheeeer. Ooops... Ordered alot, they are totally beer freaks hahaha... Sorry to say that! But its true =)


Taaaadaaa.... The birthday card I made for him =) hahaha he is so touching when receiving this card....

Thanks all of the SIS JOB AND BRO JOB, u guys are so awesome and gimme a hand to do this BUFDAY CARD. Im appreciated! THANKS , HUGS <3>

There is a GUCCI card holder for him. I just choosen the really useful stuff for him =)

Happy Birthday to Doink Doink Alvis. The first birthday that I spent with you

My chinese writting is worst and ugly. Pai seh hahahah...

Yay, for more pictures
PLEASE click __


Thnaks =) ... Although there are no special event or party for his birthday, but it is enought sweet and happy and fun that we spent oour time at home for movie =)

ILY BB, Happy Birthday. All the best to you!

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♥ Alice In Wonderland ♥

Finally new post here, since I was so damn full to the max right now and I can't bed time right now too so I've no choice, just blogging...

This few days I was fully booked with MOVIES LOL. =,=
Last week, catched up Alice In Wonderland

Oh mamamia... My fav childhood movie and story too haha. Do u?

I love them so much, sho cute =))

Yay, my Idol Avril Lavigne

The next movie I've catched up...
hmmm...the story line is pretty bad =X



Oh, sho NICE!
A must watch movie hahah,
I had COMBO frighten when watching this movie

March 15, 2010

♥ Thanks Mr.DoinkDoink ♥

Oh, I've been neglected my blog for few weeks =/
So, since I was bored to the MAX and have nothing to do and keep losing chips in poker, my mood was also down to the MAX. Ishhhh! Kinda sien d!

Hahahaha I've just received my new lens from miss lens. Waiting for so long edy before CNY. Out of sold seriously >< . I've bought the Barbie Eyes Super Nudy series __ PINK and BROWN!

Yes, PINK. The first PINK ever hahaha... Try something new and fresh.
And Brown, I have didnt try this colour before, just for new look and try this colour. I hope to get a style for me. Hmmmm ... But I've no idea yet and Im gonna cut my haor short, maybe BOB hair style. =]

Very soooon hahaha...

Okie, Thanks Mr.doink doink bought me the lens and iPhone for my birthday pressie as well.
♥ ILY ♥

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March 1, 2010

♥ Im twen-ty! ♥

Heyyy, Im twen-ty! Hahaha seem like so weird, cuz no more *teen yrs old for me and *ty yrs old onwards! WootsWoots

Date: 25.02.10
Venue: Ma House
VIG: Doink Doink, Baobei, Yew, Sista

突然间很想用华文 因为发现我的华文水准退步了 不能不能!
当晚 只是逗在家温习功课 27号考试 闷了!
已经是第二年 生日=考试

Mr.Doink Doink 使旧方法 哈哈 说他不得空
没想到 他老早已和我妹妹串通好 给我一个惊喜
那晚 快11.30 老妹叫我陪她去买麦当劳 于是我也陪她出去了
车坏了... 没办法 就回家咯

当我打开门 干就有点诡异 但说不出哪里诡异
妈咪在那偷笑 奇怪!
踏入客厅 看见耀的背包 就很大声说了一句
突然 阳台门开了
他们拿着烛光的蛋糕 唱着生日歌 从那里出来....

真的很惊喜 也许掩饰得太好 没破绽 哈哈

Doink Doink, ILY ♥

Happy Birthday QQ

Mr.Doink Doink

Baobei Jun

Wai Yew

Lil Sista
哈哈 这是他们的绘画天分
宝贝画的 Hello Kitty = Hello Piggy

耀总是说我像 多拉A梦

生日快乐 勤恩

谢谢你们的用心 谢谢你们的到来

Thanks DoinkDoink

♥ ♥ ♥