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October 30, 2010

:: Karl Urban in RED ::

Last week, catched up the movie - RED which means retired extremely dangerous LOL. This movie is rawesome! Awwwww, first, I love Bruce Willis, he is simply look so elegant okay! Btw, I had discover a handsome guy in this movie, before this, I really don't know this celebrity :p - Karl Urban who acts Cooper in the movie :D

Oh gosh! It's him it's him! He is so damn fuvking handsome and sexy ahhahahahaha!

Oppps, the RED poster!

Some random pix I found in Google :p HAHAHAHAHAH!

Leng zai mou? LOL for me, damn leng zai la O_____o heheheheh!
Up coming post :
Warehouse Working Post, Vivi153 Bigday, Jason Wedding dinner, Phuket trip post!
OH-MG! There are so many post to be updated >_< unfortunately, I've no time :( I will try my best :D

Stay tuned!

♥ ♥ ♥
I miss Phuket!

October 28, 2010

:: AnnaSui Warehouse ::

Alomost forget about this post :X no good no good ishhh! Hmmm last month was working at Lot 10, Anna Sui warehouse sale, if you follow my TWITTER bet you will know there are sale up to 50% of selected items :D Yup, all is Annasui products :O but, for those didn't come, YOU MISSED IT =P

Okie, first I have to mention is, the job is great cuz sale good and all staffs right there who working with me is sho friendy and cute hahahahaha! Made alot new friends right there, they so noisy, so talkactive and so playful =p

Shella & Me

She is good in posting :X

Sayang ku - Shirah :) She used to kacau me the most LOL

Jess, my sweet partner :)

There a=still got alot photos but I didnt post it, cuz it is like so-many-la! HAHAHAHA! Working 5days with them I feel so warm hmmmm... Don't know when is the next time we can meet together and work together... <3>

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul

October 26, 2010

:: BBQ & Cheer For Diploma ::

An outdated post here, sorry for that buddies. Busy for workin this few weeks!
Okie, was invited to Sue's house for a simple gathering BBQ session with all my dearest friends :) Yup, they are my lovely diploma coursemates *wink

Headed to the BarBeQue venue after work thanks for baby doink for the ride, guess what, I am all in black from the head to toes LOL... Kinda weird with this outfit + full make up when attending a BBQ partay right? Hahahaha, I've no choice my dear...

When I've reached, everything is prepared! You guys awesome, and me, just headed and straight makan ja hahahaha... Chicken wings is love! Who doesn't like it?

Check it out what do we prepared for BBQ ;)

Chicken wings with black pepper sauce

Chicken with soy sauce

Creamy Carbonara sauce with sausages

My favourite spaghetti

Sweet Potatoes with cheezzzy gravy

Sausages, hams and bacons

Some Random Pichas :)

Did you notice what am I holding?
Taadaa, it is marshmallows
Did anyone cook like this before? Well, one of my friend introduced it!
You will never know how delicious it is ...
Try it next time peeeeeps!!! You will never regret :p

I ate alot of marshmallows that night! Urghhh....

Ignore the huge face lol, taadaa!!! Baked marshmallows ;)

No alcohol for me due to working next day ...
The Group pic :)
Captured by me heheheh~

DIBA rocks!

WeiJie, Soong Kuang, Yeak, Chein Sin, Carmen, Sue, Mua, Michelle, Chin

This is what we call happiness :)

That night we knew something bad and annoying from other. It's sucha unforgivable shytting thing YOU know? Btw, it also pretty hurt, we treating YOU good, YOU treating us like fool. Ishhhh....
As they said:' Suan le ba!' We wouldn't meet anymore I guess...

P/S: You guys have to learn about the meaning of friendship :)

Life with Peace Soul
♥ ♥ ♥

October 18, 2010

:: Busy Baby ::

It's time to update, but honestly, I have nothing to update LOL...
This month, I've been started working NON-STOP... And I have no outings for like 2weeks plus! Oh-Gosh, so not me ... Damn it, wanna shout :" LIFELESS"

Okie, just a very short n boring post, ummmm feel happy btw cuz I can earn money and idk why I was so good luck when working, sale always very good :D commission 99.com muahahahahha!!!

If you follow my twitter, bet you know about the AnnaSui's warehouse sale in Lot 10, Isetan :D OH-God, its up to 50% discount! If you miss it, oooooops, Sorrrrryyyy !

I am busy October baby, while it does to my Baby doink too, his brands luggage is having fair in MidValley and Times Square... For 10 days, we didn't meet up for like almost 10 days too... I miss you alot, do you? Haihhhhh....

Sometime feel weird, although we didn't meet up so long, but we also like nothing to chat in the call or wad... Sigh, is this good or bad? We just lack of communication seriously! But we don't argue, we still love wach other and everything goes smooth...

Am so sleepy now, went for K session at Neway twice in a week! Call me K Queen :P
Alot of dramas is waiting me too, LOL but I really don't have time... Work hard biatch!!! :D

Okie, facebook ing now! Just neglected it for almost a week -.- don't wanna be an outdated biatch ! Miss me peeps! LOL....

I want Honey
I want Money

October 5, 2010

:: It's October ::

OH! Time flies, it's October now peeeeep! OMG...
OCTOBER is a hardworking month for me, know why?
FIRST, I've done my diploma and fnished my exam on 4th Oct :D
say huuurayyyy! Im totally so excited and also excited, still remember the last subject was International Business, hmmm it is quite hard because the lecturer missed out some important key topic with all of us, u guys must think 'WTF'? Yea, it's totaaly WTF and FML! All of us just scratching our head and squeezing our brain juice to study and answer all the UFO key topic! But, luckily, I'm able to answer all of them :P

SECOND, I'm going to Phuket on November, wootswoots, so, I have to work work and also work in this month to earn extra money to Phuket for out 'graduation' trip LOL... We've been plannig for like almost half year, time flies, November is also around the corner, right?

THIRD, Phuket trip : ON. What next? Taiwan Trip with baby doink :D But, it drops on December baby ... Anyway, time flies :P

That's the reasons I need to work hard and earn money right! Duhhhh... Add oil biatch!

Now, I would like to plan for a short trip short getaway HAHAHA, as my baby doink promised me... But don't know when and where... *thinking thinking... I hope can go Water Chalet in PD but I've been there before, btw I just simply love and miss the design of the room hahahah... Depends la...

Lovely mami is went to Taiwan for company trip, sho good :( for 5 days, ishhh, Im misig you dy ... Oppps, I miss baby doink so badly too, ummmm, lemme count....... It's was the 7th days I didn't meet him up :( He so busy with his fair... Haih... I miss you I miss you!!! Everyone I love just simply not beside me :(

Anywhere, Happy Holiday and work hard biatch!

♥ ♥ ♥