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February 24, 2010

♥ Back to normal ♥



February 12, 2010

♥ Velvet Night ♥

Weeeeeee.... Ma first clubbing in year twenty-ten! Hahaha and it is also like 3 to 4 months never go club...

Yeah, I've done it today =)
It is Aileng's precious birthday! *clap clap*

DATE: 06.02.10

My costume =)
they called me AV女优WTF!

AILENG aka the bufday girl

woot woot

Mr.Doink Doink & me

Baobeii Jun

Jason, Joseph, Doink Doink

yew & jun

The Boizzzz


School's Roxxx!

Honestly, it is pretty sien in the beginning... The songs! The songs is the mian problem! MAMBO JAMBO!!!!!!! LOL.
Next, beii and me went to phuture hahah, feel the atmosphere and met an old frens... Feel better, huh... hahahah
OKie, songs changed at last! Apa feel pun mari! Hhahahaha one of the dancer there is pretty leng lui and look sweet! Awesome!
Phuture!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr~~~

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Manicure ♥

Woooow, a great day for me =)
Since the last post I had mentioned those movies that I was expected, finally I've watch it yesterday with mr. Doink Doink =) Peace!

I've choosen ''72 tenants of properity ~~~
It is totally so funny and also funny!
黄宗泽 is sooooooo leng zai XD hahahah~
王祖蓝 太搞笑了!很欣赏他!

This is red wine or fruit wine? haha im not so sure honestly! But Im just interesting its design, is so unique =)

Made in France.

After movie, we are headed to Joseph's house for manicure! woot woot~

Before that, dinner at nearby reataurant!

Ishhhhh! Guess what?! 田鸡just placed behind me! Ewwwwwww! Disgusting la weiii!

Yeah, around 10pm+, manicure started!
I've choosen gel type ...
1am. done! But it is not so obvious, because is light pink and I never add some bling bling stuff on top hahaha.....because it is pretty late d and maybe add it after CNY =)

Okie, tomorrow is friday, A no plan day for me! Haihhh! Sien!

p/s: Velvet night will be the next post... stay tuned!

♥ ♥ ♥

February 8, 2010

♥ Is waiting 11.02.10 ♥


导演 曾志伟

主演 曾志伟 张学友 袁咏仪 黄宗泽 邓丽欣 钟嘉欣 王祖蓝 谢天华 佘诗曼 林家栋 林峰 陈法拉 侧田


接下来这套呢 是由我的偶像 甄子丹 主演


导演: 李仁港
主演: 甄子丹 赵薇 吴尊 徐子珊
类型: 惊悚 / 剧情 / 动作



導演: 黃百鳴, 邱禮濤
演員:古天樂 黃百鳴, 吳君如, 熊黛林, 鄭中基, 楊穎, 潘粵明, 林子聰
類 型:賀歲喜劇, 愛情, 動作

杨颖!!! Angelababy! OMFG~

这就是我要看的理由 哈哈~

February 1, 2010

♥ 020110 ♥

Peeps, it was 1st of February 2010... It is so terrible and horrible. Why? Time past so fast and flies. What you done in January? Oops, for me, seem like more outing with dearest friends and schooling the most. Best girl ever haha.

1st of February, is holiday too... Whats new and hot? For me, SUCKS~ Totally feel so bored alone at home! I was online for whole honestly! Ishhhh... The Mr. Doink Doink was busy on his works. Can you imagine how miserable if my life is without you? Can you hear it and feel it? I miss you alot too... ILY

1st of February, is my birthday month too. Hahaha Im so exciting and can't wait for the day comes to me. Hmmmm... Because this was the first birthday that can celebrate with you. Same, one year ago, 26th Feb, I've knew you =)

1st of February, its every chinese and couple BIG day. Still got 13 days to go, it was CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINE'S DAY. Both big days drop into the same date, I guess, many of you will feel so disappointed, or maybe another happy mood? I dont know. But for me, I can say ' nevermind' because everyday is valentine's day when I spent my time with you. Second, I love ma Family ma =) .
You guys got any perfect plans?

1st of February, alot of things can do! But the most nuisance is... EXAM! Yeah, end of Feb, which means after ma BIRTHDAY, the next day Im going and sittin for god damn exam! WTF! February, another month that time will past more fast. Because I've already full of plans =)
CNY: manicure and pedicure, Im coming! haha


♥ Ma Very First Time ♥

oh yeah, as I said : 'ma very first time!'
What makes me feel so first time uh? hahaha... taadaa ~ PAINTBALL

Yes, its paintball!

DATE: 30.01.10

VENUE: Kuang

GUESTS: waoooo... around 30+

The day before 300110, I was felt so excited haha... cuz I just kept imagine how pain it is when kena shoot... For those who really close with me, they knew 'WHY' hahaha... cuz Im a freak, I very likey 'black green' aka marks LOL.

Woke up early in da morn, I was sooo tired, I was sooo angry too! Cuz I kept kept waiting in the whole morn! I shud wake up at 11am pun ok! But he was the one asked me woke up at 8am! wtf... the game started at 1pm... SEE! the different! Ishhhh

Just FINE!


Finally reach tere, but ma bei hvnt reach yet. Ishhh! miss her alots!
There are pretty hot and the base is so low beh actually haha... Everyone is busy to set up their markers... changing clothes ba bla...

vivian, bei, me

Tat's gf be the photographer that day, I love this pic so much, cuz actually we're sweating, but still can capture it so natural =p ... haih, with ma f*cking god damn HUGE face!

Mr. Doink Doink n me

Bei n Yew

Ready to start
haha he just like a commander

The bullets

The 'war' space

The dudes
doinkdoink, tat,joseph,jason

The actoress XD

This wargame seperated into 4 rounds, I hate 3rd round, playing in the jungle! so many mozzzzzy! Ish and it is so hard to see and find the enemies!

Hmmmm... its so fun and excited, but I didnt kena shooooot! Feel so sien edy... LOL. When is the next time? Hmmmmm... No idea!

The mr.doink doink bought a paint marker for himselves! Oh gosh, these god damn paint marker was costs 2.6k! I wonder why you will say 'YES'!

BT Paint Markers

♥ ♥ ♥