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July 28, 2010

:: No Reason Why ::

This few days I met up with my baby doink everyday. Sho da happy :D
Teehee... Although he was busy but still will arrange the time for me to pick me up from work or even after classes. Simply just loving you ♥

Well, I've been waited for Inception for like almost 2 weeks but still can't get tickets to watch it, eventually, I've catch up yesterday! Know what, we bought the tickets on SUNDAY! LOL...

Rated: 8.5/10
Ummm.... a supah duper fresh and creative story line. Not bad! Just simply love it cuz actually it's quite meaningful.
Some of the interior design in d dream is so awesome. Especially a stage called ' paradox' Coool to max :)

The Socerer's Apprentice
Rated : 9/10
Nice nice nice movie! Best...
I love Nicholas Cage so muchie! And, I also love movie with magic story! This movie is just simply match together! ♥ 99! Must watch. Doesn't boring at all! Awesome :)

What next? Of cuz ' SALT'
Woots, expecting............

Just simply loving you with no reason
I just realized we didn't take pictures together for a long period edy :(
I love you baby doink :)

Life with Peace Soul
♥ ♥ ♥

July 26, 2010

:: A movie, A dinner ::

Yes, movie and eat again! What a routine life huh...
Last thursday, after classes, thanks for baby doink picked my up from college and headed to Pavlion. Be frank, every Tues and Thurs I will be at Pavilion, it is all because to avoid the terrible, horrible and vegetable JAMME! Hate KL alot, the jam problem didn't get any solution, but horrible instead.

Today, watched FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2
Rated : 4/10
Emmmm... Pretty bad, but its hilarious la... I love Huang Xiao Ming, he is so leng zai hahah...

Urrr, before catch up for the movie, still got 15mins left, hahah guess what?
EAT again, Shimino Japanese Crepes . OH! My new favourite food! me like! Teehee...
The cream is really so fresh and not creamy luckily... And and and the outer layer idk what it calls better, tastes so special ! Nice~

Spotted a HUGE acne >.<
Yummmilicious :)

After movie, DINNER, Yea EAT again! Probably a DINNER :) at Kampachi
Hohoho, thanks baby doink, as he promised me to bring me here for sushi ♥

My favourite Salmon Sashimi

This mini teapot is so adorable ! Me like :D

This, my baby doink :D

Burppp! Totally bloated to max! It's tasty tasty... Must try !

Okie, what coming next? Ummm... Ummmm... Yea, 2couples 4persons's dinner?!?!
Stay tuned!

Life with Peace Soul
♥ ♥ ♥

July 24, 2010

:: What's up peeps ::

Here Im, finally am updated my blog. Last few days I was busy on working and studying :/ lack of time and sleep too . Here, weekend, is my free bird day hahahha... Im going to blog as much as I can :p

Catch up some movies during the last weekend blah blah..
Hhahahah from the latest movie though...

La Comedie Huamaine
My favourite artist 王祖蓝!!! hehehehehe...
See both of them is so cute! Urghhhh~~~ I want them. Hhahahahaha

Totally lmao! But in the middle part is pretty boring. 杜汶泽的身材好像我的Mr.Doink oh! 真的很像 哈哈 只是Mr.Doink小一点点拉 哈哈 其实故事是有意思的 述说友情。 不错哟

接下来的是 让少女们为之疯狂的电影
这集比上一集好看多了 也许打斗的画面比较多 不闷也加点刺激感觉
这集 Jacob 对 Bella 的表白真是让我刻骨铭心 好浪漫哦 真的 哈...
不过我还是喜欢 Edward 配 Bella 哈哈 因为他们的爱情是很坚固的 还有 Edward比较帅 哈哈哈哈!

他们亲亲的画面 哇!块融化了 真的好浪漫 好浪漫!其原理的每个观众 其实也有很多交集 哈...
当kissing scene 上演 很多人都呼:‘OMG!,哇!......'之类的哈哈哈

现在最期待就是第四集 Twilight: Breaking Down :)

再来再来, 就是 Predators :)
嗯...不错看 有好几部分都吓着了 哈哈
这套系我不多形容 因为想不到任何东西形容它 LOL.

Street Dance
Woots! 好看好看 比Dance flick ar, Step up ar, 好看超级多 这跳舞的戏份可说是由头调到尾段
故事是超有创意的 街舞+芭蕾 虽很奇怪但真的很新鲜 哈哈 幽默的戏份也有 一定要看!

他叫Eddie, 很可爱的一位小男生 哈哈 此外,我还很喜欢 Jay, Steph and Chloe, 他们真的很帅 很酷 很有型!嘻嘻

好啦,最后一部 但其实是还没看 常常都爆满 失望!失望!

来着都有好几张文章要po哦~ 敬请期待 :)

Life with Peace Soul

July 9, 2010

:: Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne ::

OH MY GAWT! Here's my favorite singer Avril Lavigne's new launching perfume Forbidden Rose.

I WANT IT I WANT IT, I NAK I NAK badly -__________________-"

Forbidden Rose is a sparkling fusion of fruity, floral and woody notes that blend together to create a spirited composition. With its hints of both fantasy and fearlessness, Forbidden Rose comes to life, like a fairytale. The fragrance opens with the forbidden fruit itself – the ever-enchanting red apple, enhanced by delicious wine peach. The story then unfolds with notes of white lotus, adding pureness and beauty. The base of the fragrance shines through, exuding warmth through its vanilla and sweet praline accents. A deep woody undertone finally emerges, completing Forbidden Rose’s captivating tale.

The fragrance comes in shower gel, body lotion, spray deodorant and, of course, eau de parfum. The Forbidden Rose perfume bottle’s dramatic color combination of purple and black, complimented with glints of silver brings something magical to life. The bottle features a silver barbed wire encircling the neck, while a black rose completes the design as a glossy cap. The barbed wire offers another unique surprise – a ring that can be worn as an accessory.


Forbidden Rose's Deodorant Spray

Forbidden Rose's Perfume ♥

Forbidden Rose's shower gel

Forbidden Rose's lotion ♥

Hmmmm... When it will be launched in Malaysia. I wonder..............!

Beside this, it was in my WISHLIST Cartier Love Bracelet

Life with Peace Soul
♥ ♥ ♥

July 5, 2010

:: 12个月了 ::

也好像你,从没停止似的爱着我 照顾着我 疼惜着我

就这么简单的三个字 :)

I Love You
♥ ♥ ♥

:: The Weekend ::

What you guys usually do during the weekend huh? For me, I'm usually MOVIE, EAT, MOVIE, and also EAT! Hell yea... Sound bored right? Yes, sometimes I feel so...
Every Saturday / Sunday I am doing the same thing honestly, I should be satisfied despite the accompany of Mr.Doink, but I still feel lifeless...

During the Weekend, I've catched up all movies that shown in cinema now hohoho...

Knight and Day
Rate: 4/10

It's too fake but some parts is funny...
With me = Heaven; Without me = Hell

The Legend is Born: Ip Man
Rate: 6/10

Hmmmmp, Donnie Yen acts more nais and more excited in those fighting parts. Don't know why Du Yu Hang not enough natural maybe he is still new but yet I know he was the youngest champion of Weng Chun.

Triple Tap
Rate: 4/10

Ewhhhh, bad bad bad! Makes me so so so disappointed! I love Daniel Wu n Louis Koo so muchie, they are totally so leng zai and awesome la weihhh, but this movie, I don't think it was talking about actions movie and related to gun something else. It was like just talkig about 'crimes & psychology' story line =/ ... Feel like cheated by the movie title LOL.

During the last weekend, all those movies just made me feel so disapponiting! Finalleh, the latest movie I've watched aka the best movie I've watched ever last week is She's out of my league

She's out of my league
Rate: 8/10

Hmmmm, yes! The best movie I've watched ever last week. But where is the 2marks gone? First, I don't think Alice Eve is supah awesome in d movie, why all guys just staring and drooling on her in d airport @_______@ !
This movie is supah funny especially the 'shave part'. You'll got me after you watch! LOL everyone just can't stop laughing too and they always FUCK YOU =p

Peeps, must watch =)

Life with Peace Soul
♥ ♥ ♥