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May 31, 2010

:: Life would become miserable if without eu ::

As I've mentioned, :: Life would become more miserable if without eu ::
Who is eu? Oooops, not a person but yet, a MOVIE =)
Who is agree with me?

When I got nothing to do, MOVIE
When hanging out w mr.Doink, MOVIE
When new movie showing, of cuz MOVIE again
When it was tuesday n thursday, MOVIE, fyi, my class ended up at 6pm, effing jamme everywhere, so usually lepak at Pavilion for dinner n MOVIE w mr.Doink

See, a MOVIE, is really influenced me alot!
Last weekend, continued watched 2 days movies!


One word, THUMBS UP!
Appreciate whatever you had now especially your loved one !

Gemma Arterton's lips is so perfect and sexy! LOVE her lips so damn much!



Hahhahahaha! Thumbs up for this movie too, cuz it frighten me 283949591048 times! Waooo, in the same night I was just repeating the :: 1,2,3,4,5 Freddy is coming to get you! ::

Although it is reeking of blood, but I like atch this kind of movie zzZZzzz...


OMG! It is SHREK in 3D! the end of story!
Hmmm... after watched Prince of Persia, I felt this two movie's story line is so familiar, once you watch you will get my point though!

Btw, PUSS is damn fvking adorable! When he asked donkey to borrow him his toungue! LMAO! Sibeh funny and cuteeeeee! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Y3sUgw5WUi0/TAoNPiRxOmI/AAAAAAAAB_0/babPwF-B6mY/s1600/images.jpg">

Okie, I got those Cherating @ Kuantan trip photos lately, what a late and outdated post >.< style="text-align: center; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul

May 30, 2010

:: Singapore Trip #4 ::

Opppps, forget to post about the last day Singapore... LOL old old post!
Yea, it was last day, sigh!

Btw, the last day is nothing special cuz we bought around 2pm ticket. So there are not much time left for us, woke up in the morn and had our breakfast then ready to ciao!

I love MOS Burgers badly, it is tasty! But too bad, Malaysia is not available, but my bro told me before KLCC are available but now... BYE BYE -.-

Pretty reluctant! I miss Singapore and I'd love Singapore! HAHAHAHAHAH...
Planing maybe after study then working over there?? Mayb~

Reached KL around 8pm, BB doink came and pick us =)
Hahaha, went to Genting afterthat, woots woots
That's was my second times in the Casino, I felt myself is over matured *old* la =.=
cuz I didn't get checked before =p
Should I happy or.....?

Btw, is a tired night that day!
I got alot of posts haven't update =(
Im kinda lazy and busy
K-kinda busy =p
LOL, anywhere, stay tuned =D

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul

May 26, 2010

:: Singapore Trip #3 ::

The third day =)
On the way to MRT ... MRT --> China Town & Outrum Park
Urghhhh! I dislike Outrum Park, so hot and nothing to shop and visit. LOL all is uncle / auntie ... No teenagers! >.<

Omg, c... their back lanes is so clean... even the drain! =_____=

Tea time, famous egg tart...
Tasty enough and 入口即化!hahahaha niceee!

Just walked around, honestly nothing special today ... zzZZzz... Last went back to Bugis street again hahaha...
Between this time we went to the 观音庙拜神... 第一次求签 哈哈

Night session, dinner at iSTEAK house, my bro told us going to bring us for steak as dinner, he said it is famous and delicious.
When we reached there, omg, it is not a restaurant, do not have air-cond, no comfortable chair to sit, NO FAN! WTF~

but undeniably, it is really so delicious, I can say, restaurant steak even can't compare with it! I just miss the steak right now... Its so cheap some more...
有时候 路边摊 真得还好吃过高级餐厅...

After dinner, walked through oposite road and had our dessert, famous in that area too. OMG, FULL HOUSE!
Its famous with durian w seasame dessert, I HATE DURIAN, there was just tutoring me, my mom and my sis is big fans of durian! x_______x"


My brother

My elder sista

My lovely maamii

My younger sista

Weeeeee.... Hahahahah

Everyday ate 6 meals, breakfast, lunch, teatimex2, dinner, supper.

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul

:: Singapore Trip #2 ::

Wheeee, woke up 9am is the 2nd day, a cloudy day. Everyone's mood is sho good lol.
Prepared everything, 10am+ my bro and his fren same as yesterday, they going to be our tour guide again. Huuurayy!

While waiting my mom make up, camwored w my lil sista.

Today our first stop # Bugis Mall.
I just realized Singapore got alot shopping center but semua pun almost the same haha. Took our first meal at here as well.

Second stop # 5Plaza.
My bro tell us there also selling alot of clothes same like bugis street, we are excited, but also disappointment, why? Because is veli veli veli expansive. Grrrr.... A same clothes that also selling at Bugis street is cost $5, but here, cost $15 =______= what tha!!!!

My sis and me just feel so swt!
My elder sis bought a jacket at 5 Plaza's A shop, cost $32.90, walked around, discovered B shop $30.90, in front B shop which is C shop, just cost $29.90! LOL, she so upset with this......................

I saw a shop selling BLING BLIIIINNNNNNNNG STUFF. But semua pun mahal to the max! A bling bling handphone strip cuz $69.90 also got x_________x"
SEEEEEEEE! I hope i can get all back to my home ~

Third stop # Takashimaya
I think this shopping complex is famous enough to everyone =)
Seemed like almost branded brands here, but the building design look like government office LOL. Just lepak sana for while dued to the request from the Queen Mama.

Fourth stop # Paragon

On the way to Paragon, my sis took this for me ... hehe

Woooooow, same, alot of branded brands in this complex.
Visited GUCCI, my mom is going to buy a bag for me wooolala, and we are comparing the price w Malaysia, but I cant find any bag that match with my mind. T___T
But, it's ok for me, cuz, bro'gf is going to Milan next week, my mom asked her buy for me muahahahahah!

Fifth stop # ION Orchard
The latest shopping center in Singapore. OMG the decor and design is so unique and beautiful. Is so modern designed.

Just spent our time here, it is pretty tired honestly, walked walked and also walked! =_____="

My sis bought a pair of shoe @ rubi ... I hope to get one too, but my bro said later I bring you go *somewhere else* maybe there is more nicer... I just say byebye to the leopard design shoe.

Sixth stop # Bugis Street
Yay, my fav place in Singapore, suppose to say our fav place LOL.
This place is always crowded! OMG, the same question popped in my mind again :''Singaporean no need work huh?''

This turn my sis bought alot, I get nothing today LOL...

Seventh stop # Sentosa
LOL, everyone should familiar with this place. Tourist must go venue. Hahha yea, we're tourist now =D
This place is extremely huge and big!Lepak lepak around there...

bro, sistas, maamii and me =)

On the way walking to Merlion walk, some random pics.

The Images of Singapore.

The Merlion. Standing at 37 metres high, this half-lion, half-fish creature brings you to the depth of the sea as you walk side-by-side with legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids.
So sad, it was closed and the lighting is not bright enough. This is the best result I can take =/

I love this pic so much, so 3D water drops hahahaha~

Afterthat, mom, bro and sis went to Casino, while me and my lil sis went to the 'Song of the Sea' stage with our tour guide...

The Universal Studio =)

Okie, I am just so in love with this 'Song of the Sea' performance! All the water falls and lighting is interesting, beautiful and amazing....
I just choose the most 3 pictures I love the most hahaha...


Okie, camwored w the sista while waiting the 3 VIP come out from the casino LOL.

Last stop # DINNER
idk what the rstaurant called. Btw, it is yuuuumylicious! It was 11pm, makan sampai bloated! Fat biitch!


♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul

May 25, 2010

:: Singapore Trip #1 ::

Hey readers, I was came back from Singapore... Woots, be frankly, this is the first time I abroad. =D Kinda excited la weihh! This time is went w my lovely maamii, and both sistas, well, my bro was stay in Singapore, he be our leng zaii tour guide. Muahahah!

4days 3nights trip.

In the coach, and on the way. This coach is so comfortable and cheap. FIRST COACH.
Spent for 5hours journey time, I jz kept facebooking and twittering during the time.

Tik-tok tik-tok... Finally reach.
We just kept walked around there... and my bro brought us to BUGIS STREET some place like Petaling Street. Woots Woots, awesome place honestly. Those clothes and other accessories stuff is extremely cheap *something la* . I've bought a tote bag in red color *love it* , a long black pearl necklace, a dress and a Burberry iPhone case. Hahahha all is CHEAP!

The street is so sempit and hot, during weekdays and afternoon time, there are alots of people. Singaporean no need work huh? I wonder why...

Night session, bro brought us to Thai's food stall. BBQ as our dinner.
Oh yea, her gf and one of his frend be our tour guide and also driver. Thankiew so much.

Oh maamaamia, this BBQ's pork, is delicious and tasty to the max! I was drooling whenever I think about it hahahaha... YOU'LL DONO HOW DELICIOUS IS IT XP

After dinner, headed to AH CHOU TONG SHUI.
We suppose went to GEI DE SIK, but so bad, closed.
Hmmmm... not that yummy the tong sui here. LOL

We didn't take much photos today cuz spent all time at BUGIS STREET, will visit to other place in the next day.

Stay tuned!!!

♥ ♥ ♥
Live with Peace Life

:: F ::


I hate flu, pls go away from me!
Damn suffering right now! No medicine at home... Grrrrr! F up.

Stay at home all day long + drink more water + hot weather = flu

May 24, 2010

:: Caticlair BB Cream! Strongly recommended ::

Caticlair BB Cream! Strongly recommended!

Selling points:

1# 韩国,3000韩国模特儿专用美容产品
Over 3,000 korean models are using this BB cream

2# 泰国,在WATSON都能找到的产品
Its available in Thailand's WATSON

3# 皮肤过敏,生青春痘也能当作遮瑕膏来使用,因它有抗炎,抗过敏的功效
Suitable for SENSITIVE, PIMPLES skin, it helps to reduce redness

4# 干性皮肤也能使用,因它含有玻尿酸的成分
Suitable for dry skin too

5# 外出多小时,不怕面部出油,含MSM平衡面部油脂,不再害怕油光满面
Suitable for combination / oily skin

6# 8合1 超正BB 霜:
8 in 1 BB cream

- 防晒 (SPF 40, PA++, 高达8小时防晒)
sunblock SPF 40, PA ++, UP TO 8 HOURS

- 补水(含有玻尿酸成分,高度补水保湿)

- 控油(含有独特MSM成分,能够平衡面部油脂)
Oil control balance

- 遮瑕(绝不阻塞毛孔)
Concealer by not blocking your pores

- 防皱 (填补表情纹)

- 提供营养,滋润面部
Balance your uneven skin tone

- 美白

- 抗炎,抗菌,抗过敏
Anti-bacterial, Anti-pollution, Anti-Sensitive

Usual Price: RM 138
NOW : RM 98






May 12, 2010

:: Brighter Life ::

I'm desired for some travel and outing with my dearest friends.
Life seemed bored lately.

最近 心总是闷闷的
朋友最近 都消失踪迹

这几天呆在家 到处游览别人的部落格
有些平平凡凡 有些精彩满分
在我印象中 只有一位 能让我羡慕
她似乎每天都过得精彩 就算是生活的小部曲 她也能写得像天使一般快乐
哈哈 不愧为blogger

我的宝贝去了中国 我很想念她
几天不见 还是感觉怪怪的 哈哈

而我的Mr.Doink 似乎忙得透不过气
很少见面 也很少话题讲了

下雨了 整个人也懒懒的 说好今天要温习功课
却还对着电脑面前 FB/ TWITER 个没完没了 闷!
楼下又在装修 很吵 向专心读也好像没办法

也许有人会说 你已经不错了 好过某些人
但 坦白说 以前的生活 更本不是酱

有时 我怀念过去。

Life with Peace soul

May 10, 2010

:: 9th May 2010, Big day ::

9th May 2010
It is a pretty meaningful date for me.

First, I have to shout: '' Happy Mama's day''
I LOVE YOU always maamii. You're the stronger woman in my heart despite there are so much conflicts in your life, you're still there to stand it and never say:'' No!''

Secondly, I have to shout:'' Happy Wedding day'' to my lovely babi zai and chris =X ooops, I shud call her WOMAN starts from now hahahahah...
Btw, she will be a fortune woman babi, great and hawt wife and lovely and kind mom in the future =D
Hahahaha, shuang ma?

Just a sort post here, 9th May 2010, Mama's day, me and my lil sista brought her to dinner, well, we didn't go far, yet, near our house area. We decided Bak Kut Teh as our dinner, it was the desired of the Queen hahaha... So bad Mr.Doink didn't join us as well, he wents to dinner w his family. Ooops!

Seemed like 9th May is very meaningful for me! Beside the two big things above and next. it reminds me about EXAM IN THA NEXT DAY! FML! The lameness and boreeeeeed subject --Moral Studies-- Ishhhh...

But, fortunately, hiak hiak I've done pretty well! Sap sap sui LOL.
Now the next paper : consumer behaviour: is dropped on 16th May, still got 6 days to do my revision, great right? But I've no the study mood now. zzzzZZzzzz
Btw, I'll try my best to do my revision by tmrw and wednesday blah blah blah! Study Hard Biatchhh!

Raining heavy here. Feel windy. I miss my mr.doink.

Life with Peace Soul

May 5, 2010

♥ Fulfilled up by movies ♥

Don't know what happened, I feel like or even love to blog lately. Hahaha maybe I want to earn more c-c-cashhh. I just realized that I also can earned money from Nuffnang! Wheee...

Hmmm and Im searching some nice layout again. Do u guys feel weird for my layout? idk, I just feel weird hahaha. Any new suggestion?

okie, this few day I was just stay at home playing hotel city on fb -.- and Twitter. Bored to the max! I just fulfilled my life with movies. Im pretty proud here to say every single movie that showing in cinema now, I've watched. *evil smile .The last movie I watched is IRON MAN 2, by today.

Hmmm actually Im wonder what is 2D? I have never watch 2D before -.-"
btw, Iron Man 2, pretty bored n sux! There is no fighting part between them, yes! Got! but i think 2 parts lo!!! LOL
And, there is took too much time to bring out the 'enhance,improve story' urghhh! Keep talking talking and also talking! Sien lo...

Rate 4/10. Sorry for those who think is nice. I just feel sux!

After movie, ohhhh, it was Wednesday =)
Pink day for Baskin Robins' ... There organizing a promotion every Wednesday. Forget what it call. But, it just cost RM 7.50 for 2scoops =) Its cheap, right?
The notice board just say :'show us PINK stuff, you can enjoy 2 scoops of ice cream for only RM7.50'. Dued to my Doink Doink is wearing pink blouse today, so... Yeahhh!

Im gonna to visit Baskin Robin's every Wednesday i guess, hahahahahahah!
The next movie Im going to watch is 'LOSRERS'
My sis recommended me to watch. She has repeated 1039128412718x NICEEEEE!

Director Sylvain White adapts the Vertigo comic about a team of mercenaries who wage war on the CIA after they're double-crossed in the field and left to die. Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Jensen (Chris Evans), Roque (Idris Elba), Pooch (Columbus Short), and Cougar (Óscar Jaenada) were on a blacks-ops mission in the Bolivian jungle when rogue CIA agent Max (Jason Patric) hung them out to dry. After beating the odds and surviving their ordeal, the team decides to strike back against Max even if it means sacrificing their own lives to do so. Aiding them on their treacherous suicide mission is sexy operative Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who has her own reasons for wanting to see Max get his just deserts. But getting to Max won't be easy, because in addition to having the CIA on his side, he's about to spark a war that could plunge the entire globe into chaos. Their time quickly running out as Max's plan kicks into overdrive, the Special Forces unit that everyone assumed dead arms themselves to the teeth and prepares to strike back with a vengeance. - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace soul

May 4, 2010

♥ 2 Girls in One Room ♥

Woots Woots
A joyful K session with my babe Jacquelinebii last Thursday =)
But she is late queen =.= I've been waiting for her about half an hour >.<

Date: 19th Apr 2010

Location: Neway, Cheras

Babe Jacquelinebii

We just kept camwored like noboday business nevertheless hahahah...
No doubt, girls habit =)

I love this picture so much dono why... hahahah

Yuuup, we are iPhone supporter! No blackberry =pp

Babe, I know you love hugged from behind. I did it hahahaha !

Night session
I think everyone should know what happened on 19th Apr 2010, right? No doubt, it is 'IP MAN 2' is ready to show in all cinemas =)
Same for me and Jac, we both are going to watch Ip Man 2 after k session, but, we're seperate =(
I went to Leisure mall with Mr.Doink. We are so lucky, the ticket still available for us muahahahah!
Oh maamaamiaa... I <3>
The movie is nice, but the story line is pretty same with part 1! Exactly the same, the characters is different only...
Btw, I rated 9/10
Next to watch is Losers & Iron Man 2
Hmmmm, guess what, my sista fall asleep while watching Iron Man 2 =.= Ishhh~

Great Dayyyy

♥ ♥ ♥