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December 30, 2009

♥ Genting 2D1N with biitches ♥

Date : 29th & 30th Dec 09

Venue : Genting Highland

Biitches: me, ms.sasa, ms.sally, ms.stef

haha, are we seem like acting?
yea~~ we used to be.....

i LOVE this so darn much, no why~

hohoho, flower from ms.stef =D

Ewihh! What an outdated post! I hate... Grrrr...

okie, since i've done ma assignment, I got ma time to update ma blog. this was ma first acticle to post, Guess wad, i still got about 3-4 posts on ma hands! Ishhhhh~ *faint

come to the point, hmmmm... hey biitch, how long we knew each other uh?
i think about 5years since form 3 right? hahaha
although we have known each other for 5 years, but i think this was the first trip we ever had!
*if im no mistake on this...

hahaha honestly, i felt so excited de neh hahah no WHY...
everything goes fine... THX ms.stef aka ms.pang aka ma Dear =D

i miss u deeply biitch ms.sasa! grrr...
ms.sally, haha no need say la we same college can see everyday pula =p


ms.sasa, me, ms.sally, ms.stef

Do~~ Re~~ Mi~~

smile with teeth =D

i want iphone too =( addicted 99 in playing games


yea... due to ''sleeping time'' i didnt upload much photos... haha
the 2D1N is really so FUN!

oh i need to mention is, Genting is so heavy mist that day! when the 2nd day i was back to KL... oh shit, it was so heavy dust! I HATE! Ishhhh.......

hahaha back to kl, guess wad, headed to sing k session with them LOL
i used to say~ it is my CONCERT =p

hahahaha... i was so enjoy and 100000% fling into when singing =x
*muka tebal nya
haha no doubt, i like, i love, i enjoy SINGING
around 7pm+, ms.stef fetched me back
woohooo...finally reach home =D
awesome, unforgetable trip!!! love u biicthes!!!
for more photos can surf thru ma fb's profile =)



December 27, 2009

♥ I've got it! Woolala ♥

It is a short post right here, since I 've no time to update ma bloggie T-T sounds saddd nia...

Yes! let me blast right here...


FINALLY I got ma broadband!

FINALLY I got ma new lappie!

FINALLY I can online at home now!

FINALLY I am not an outdater again!

FINALLY I ... whatever I can la...

muahahahaha... peace biitch =D

catched up for movie )- AVATAR @ Pavilion with mr.doinkdoink...

its touching, great, awesome movie and story line! but it took so looooooong time, my ass is numb! haha LOL... the scene is nice i have ever c before T_T

guys, must watch kay =D

ciao ** xoxo

December 26, 2009

♥ Hohoho, Santa Claus here ♥


we dont have special plan to celebrate our xmas eve, we dont have special events to attend, we dont have special place to go, but we had a special BBQ partyy that night =)

DATE: 24th Dec 2009
TIME: around 8pm till late
VENUE: doinkdoink bb's house
RULES: everyone prepare a present to exchange and only green n red shirt is allowed!
GUEST: doinkdoink bb, baobei jun, waiyew, vivian, kuan, daniel, carmen, jason, jacky, nicole, steven, and more......

P-p-p-Partyy Started...

dont know wad happen for ma blog... the pichas cant arrange nice suddenly
so paiseh, those pics is mixed up... haha *enjoy

mr.doink doink bb

guess wad i get??? hmmmm...

tadaaa.... an unique notebook n cup =D

DURING BBQ.... we....

after BBQ, come to the exchange pressie session....
bei, yew, vivian, kuan, and me was created out a new way to exchange the pressie...
solving math questions =)

see, they are so concentrating.... muahahaha...

say cheezeee, everyone is so happy afer got their present =)



p/s: click to enlarge the pichas =D

December 25, 2009

♥ X'mas Eve with D.E.Y ♥

hohoho...firstly, merry xmas... how u guys spent this meaningful xmas eve??? hmmm
for me... i spent this special day with ma dear frends Brata Yeak n Dear Jia

i've almost 1year never meet up ms.ding... is totally miss her so damn much...
hahaha before that i have alot of misunderstood n quarrel with yeak n jia... but now.. we're FINE!!!... this frendship is important, precious, and wonderful for me!
i hope there are no other misunderstood or problem between me n u... heart ya <3

ok... we've planned for k session at Green box @ Swang...
actually we planned sing at Neway... BUT the price is totally so expansie... RM25++
lolssss... we just say" NO and changed to GreenBox muahahahahaha....
woke up early in the morn, and prepared everything and waitin yeak to pick me up... ngek ngek...

3 of us =D

after k session, we headed to 2nd floor for sticker photo... hahaha primary memory too... since last time went to genting for clebrate merdeka day, this is the next time i played this lil stuff...

oh yea... after that we hanging round along and looking for bag...finally... we both bought a bag... hahaha i found a bag for almost 2weeks >< ... FINALLY!!!!!

theres 4pm+ they have to leave, and im waitin for mr.doink doink alvis to pick me up too...
the perfect n memorable xmas eve for me...
hohoho.......come to night time.. guess wad?!
we dont think to go out other place to celebrate, so we organized BBQ partyy at mr.doink doink alvis's house muahahahaha... those pichas i haven't get it... stay tuned peeps =D

December 22, 2009

♥ Wonderful Night ♥

woolala... another outing with ma sweetness fren here... as i shown, FULLHOUSE, Ampang.

Actually there are still other fren to join us, but dont know why they will headed to NZX's Fullhouse... lols... so just left five of us : me, yeak, liukee, swetyi, seen =D

but, the food is serving so damn farking slow la i've been waitin for almost 1hour!!!

babe swet yi

dude yeak

babe liukee

babe seen



friendship forever
too bad, we oew carmen here... of not, its perfect...
after dinner and cam-wored, we headed yam cha session again, haha long long time nvr spent ma time with them...
we just chit chat non-stop like nobody business =D
around 2am, brata yeak fetched me back... Good good night