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April 29, 2010

♥ Sunset Love ♥

Neglected this post for few days, since Im free now, Im going to post about the short getaway at PD last Saturdayy =)
Just a sudden planned here. The sand is smooth and warm, but it is pretty dirty surrounding. *Malaysia mah! and the wind blows toward me, uhhhh, sho sticky! Hahahaha
Btw, watching the sunset view with the love one, is amazing =)

Location: Port Dickson
VIG: Mr.Doink Doink, BaoBei, WaiYew
Purpose: Goodbye the day time and welcome the night

Look small here, don't ever call me DOREAMON again!

Beach Lollipop. Be frank, the sand is so smooth and warm. We burried our slippers right there haha...

Doink Doink <3>

Captured by bei... Love it hahaha... She got the potential though~


Hmmmp, what should I name these? idk =/

I love this, captured by bei's phone!

Short getaway

♥ ♥ ♥

April 26, 2010

♥ Maison ♥

DATE : 22TH APRIL 2010

Since before CNY, this was the second times I've stepped into club and felt the atmosphere. Uhhh, such a pretty long period.

Due to the 'Vibration' events I guess, my frends was invite me to attend. But, last he ffk me DNS!

Luckily, my bei and mr.doink and babe apple is going =)
Maybe Im old? hahahah I can't have fun right there?
Maybe the atmosphere?
I think most probably is too packed! OMG! Is packs to the max!
Even Im not dancing there, stil will sweating because too pack, hot and less oxgygen there hahah...

I met alots of frends right there. So bad I didn't bring a camera! WTF So no any pic for that night >.<>

Hahhaha Am I over edited? Whatever... Im lazy to adjust again, lil iPhone didn't have flash light =(

Moody Club Night
♥ ♥ ♥

April 20, 2010

♥ We shop . We talk ♥

Thursday, a lovely day for me.
No class, no work, no assignments, no stress. *devillaugh

Okie, my brata Yeak planned for shopping at Sunway. Weeeee... Almost 6months never been there. Pretty excited and Im going to spend money again. Poor biatch!

Don't laugh at my big face hahahahahahah

Ish, I've forget to take pic at Sunway and our lunch =/ btw, Bar B Q plaza again.
Bro is going buy some new clothes for fren's bufday partyy. Woots.
Actually im not going to buy new clothes, becuase I have ordered some new clothes from fren lately, but when I stepped into Cotton On and Forever 21! It's killi me. Noooooo...

I'm broke because of them. Haih............................

Ok, spending whole afternoon for shopping, Im freaking tired!
Headed to Mid Valley for movie, cuz, Sunway's TGV didn't show this movie _

It was an awesome movie =) Don't miss it peeps.

Great day
♥ ♥ ♥

April 18, 2010

♥ Do you think I'm crazy ♥

CAUTION : For those who hate salmon, pls do not read hahaha...

For your information, I'm so so so addicted in salmon sashimi lately. How addicted am I? You'll never know hahaha...

Okie, I had continue 4 days visited SUSHI KING, SAKAE SUSHI & MANAKATA JAPANESE RESTAURANT just because for the salmon sashimi. Last, I wan stomach pain! FML...
Actually at the begining, I was always say'' NO'' to salmon, but I was dipaksa oleh Mr.Doink ... He scolds me and say, dont eat salmon, then there are no meaning to eat sushi... =X ... Thus, I tried! OMFG... Tasty tasty...

These was SAKAE SUSHI...
honestly, the sushi is pretty suxxx... No more next time pls and thanks...

DATE: 16 APRIL 2010

Another salmon and japanese food buffet with Mr.Doink Doink and his freinds =)
BUFFET!!! How crazy am I ordered the salmon sashimi and unagi =X

Okie... no more salmon edy...
Hm, honestly, I had been long long time didn't full make up and hang out with Mr.Doink.
They planned for movie on the next day which is Saturdayy...
Urgh, I dont like this movie! Bored bored and also bored! Sorry to say that too =(

After movie, dinner time...
T.G.I Friday's

Wore my pink lens *first time

After dinner, the night still young, went to Carlo's bistro shisha session and beer session too .... Pretty awesome night =D
Be frank, I am so lousy in playing 10, 15,20... Which is ''chai mui'' haha... always lose... Combo 3 times also got. Drunk Sial!

♥ ♥ ♥

April 16, 2010

♥ I'm going to marry ♥

YESS! I'm going to marry IF I got THESE!!!
=P Muahahahah... Isn't it is very nice beautiful and awesome? Yes, it really do!

从前从前 结婚对我来说 是很遥远 很不切实际地
也许是看这一段不快乐的婚姻 和 在一个不幸福的家庭里长大
婚姻 只不过是男女的一个交易

但 现在 那些所谓的想法 都统统消失了 ......

♥ ♥ ♥

April 6, 2010

♥ 幸福 ♥

现在 我找到答案了...
有你就是幸福 ♥

April 1, 2010

♥ Girls ♥

Seem like nothing to blog lately, readers must be feel so boring haha. Ish...

Okie, it is a out-dated post actually but I just got the photos from babe Jacqueline and Leng Leng <3>

Pavilion ___

My very first met with Jacqueline hahaha...

Chat non-stop....brrrrrrrrr.... =X
Night session... Called up babe Leng Leng yam cha..
I think there had been 6months I never meet her up...

Heart ya