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August 27, 2010

:: I Love You. You Love Me ::

嘿 有一首好听的歌分享给大家罗
I love you. You love me by 摩斯特 • DA.MON.STER
相信你们会听过 就连One FM, My FM 天天播
呵呵 这首歌很抒情 很舒服 相信看到歌名的你们也勾起你们童年卡通曲
对 我也是 哈 但换了旋律 感觉就就不一样了
MayMay 在这首曲子的歌声 真的听了让人很抒情

I love you, you love me, we are one big family...
想知道他们更多消息请点击 摩斯特 • DA.MON.STER

:: Shawn's Birday ::

Blog dead. Blamed to the stupid Maxis Broadband, been working sho damn slow lately Grrrrrr hate it!

Honestly this is a very supah outdate post hahahaha... Btw I still won't adopt it :)
Come to the topic, Shawn aka Kuan Big Day. We had chosen The Department @ The Curve as dinner and the venue to celebrate his birthday :)

Date: 14th August 2010
Venue: The Apartment, The Curve
VVIP: Kuan aka Birthday Boy, Baby Doink, BaoBei Jun, Fei Yew, Danniele, Jason

The atmosphere there not that bad but not much choices for the foods and beverages. And there must be a joking, we order this "Sold out!" we order that "Finish edy" WTF -.-

Due to not much choices, we just ordered few recommended foods then head for second round :) Honestly, the foods right there is tasty and delicious haha

Wooooooow, this is my baobei Jun, I just realized we didn't take pic together supah long time -.-

The Birthday boy and Yew

The Birthday boy and Doink

The Dude
Jason, Doink Doink, Yew, Kuan

Acting coooooool?

The Babes
Dannielle, Kuan, Mua, Beii

Okie, second round we had headed to 甜品哥哥 for dessert :) Daniel and Carmen joined us too! Nice chilling with the bunch that night... LOL
After dessert, guess what? The dudes is was decided to play snooker =.= oh gosh, we all *girls just sit beside for 2 hours and watching them playing! Tsk.

Btw, a good night and Happy Birthday Kuan !

Life with Peace Soul

August 13, 2010

:: A date with NaNa ::

Rise and Shine, Hello Friday :)
Yes, Im gonna date with bwincessnana today at Pavilion
Nowadays, Paviion seems like my second house... Idk why =..=

Met up and had our late brunch at La Bodega
Honestly, first time try right there :)
Hmmmm.... Just so so only...

Supah salty spaghetti ordered by Nana...LOL

Here some random pichas :)

First time hang out with the girl :)
She's friendly and adorable LOL

Ooops, the twins joined us too :)

Evangeline and mua :)
Tsk tsk, both of you are supah thin and skinny =/

After brunch, shopping time! Hmmmm but so bad I can't get any nice clothes or something else... Maybe I just bought some clothes few days ago ...

Second round, Snowflake :)
So bad, we didn't get any pichas from there ... But chit-chat non stop! Lol, she's funny, night cream + moisturizer used together o_____o" hahaha...

Her bf, Huan came too and pick her up, while I met up with Mr.Doink and get his gadgets and spent my time at Coffee Bean... Because I have to wait my mama finish work ... Btw, sitting alone there with a hot double chocolate isn't bad :D

Great day with you :)

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with peace Soul

August 11, 2010

:: I know I know I know ::

Yessss peeeeepssss! I know I've neglected my blog for a long long time! Sorry, coz Imma busy for doing assignments and presentations and and and also busy for chatching up movies LOL...
Some of my freinds do really agreed I am 'Movie Queen' huh... LOL... I would'nt denied honestly :)
But so far, I feel sad, cuz always went to GSC but I still can't get a mayor. Ishhhh... But, it's okie!

Okie, come to the topic... It was an outdated post! Three weeks ago I guess :/
Had a supah nice dinner with my babe Jacqueline and his boi Desmond. Guess what, yea, my baby doink is accompany me go meet with them too :D ♥

Hahaha I still remember I was supah late that day, sorry bii let u waited for so long. Hehehehe...
No doubt, cam-woredddddddd!

Delicious, Mid Valley

Love this Pic to the MAX! Wahahaha!

LOL, silly bii :) ♥

After chilled for few hours, it is time for movie lu... Ummmm... Socerer's Apprentice! I like this movie so much.... Since I've mentioned in my previous post!

Before the movie, cam-wored with my baby doink. Silly us :)

I love you ♥

♥ ♥ ♥
Life with Peace Soul