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November 20, 2010

:: Phuket Day Two ::

Hey guys, finally I am back to update my blog B)
Since last few weeks I was so busy working, totally got no time to update PHUKET post.
But now, day off until 28th Nov ngek ngek ngek!

Yes, went to Phuket, Thailand for our diploma trip with coursemates heheheheh
Date : 2nd Nov 2010
VIPs: Me, Yeak, LiuKee, Carmen, Chien Sin, SongKuang, WeiJie

Okie, comes to the topic, PHUKET day two trip. Hmmm I'm not gonna to post about day one cuz its nothing special lalalalalala lol~

Day two in Phuket > CITY TOUR : Breakfast > Free n Easy > Lunch > Bird Nest Factory > World's largest GEMS gallery > Karon View Point > Simon Caberet Show :)

Tata, this is our resort :D this is what we called
Not bad not bad : Seeka Boutique Resort

After visited those factory and gallery I have mentioned, the next station we went to Karon View Point... LOL just so normal view j lo hahahah~ Just stayed there for like half hour :) some random pics with my coursemates !

Next station : Phuket Famous Temple, IDK what it calls :/
There are so many different temples and all design is sho unique !

Night session after dinner : Simon Cabaret Show which known as Lady Boy aka Ah Gua Show LOL
I have to shout :'' this ah gua is so damn freaking pretty and gorgeous, feel shame la she/he is too pretty la weii! Isn't she? Btw, she is the hot lady boy that many ppl crazy to take picture with her! And the boy in this ic is my fren Chien Sin :D

Seeeeeee, the tipssssy on her hand! :O

Yea, this is my day two itinerary :) how was that? HAHAHAHAHAAH for me, it's fun :)
In this Simon Cabaret, it is crowded and full of tourists, like Korea, Japan, China and many western countries tourists ...

Thailand punya orang is so friendly <3

To be continued ......

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