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November 8, 2010

:: Jason & Dannielle ::

Woahhh! It's Jason and Dannielle's perfect wedding dinner on last Saturday 30th Oct :D Congratulation to both of you! Wish both of you can hold each other hands til forever ehehehehe! Stay sweet forever too :)

Dinner venue dropped at Kepong area and we reached 630pm OMG! Kinda boring leh hahaha not much ppl at the first time btw, the place is so damn huge o___O if you wanna serve up to 1000ppl, I think this is the best place hehehe~ All the foods is delicious not like other restaurant, I dont like 荷叶饭,but I ate alot that night hehehehe tasty !!!

Yes, He is Jason, She is Dannielle, I edited this photo in Puri-Puri, looks great? :x

Baby Doink, me and the sweet couple!

Take 2 !

All heng dai and friends :D

In the washroom :p
Carmen and Me

My baobei Jun

Baobei and Carmen

This dress I purposely bought for babi's wedding dinner, but I failed to make it :(


Supah tiring day, Mr.Doink drank alot =.= no good no good! But, everyone seems like so fun huh!
Ciao at around 12am ... 新婚快乐呀!

♥ ♥ ♥

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